A WALK OF FAITH —Dr. Aubrey H. Greenidge
Rev. Dr. Aubrey H. Greenidge is the Senior Pastor and President of Christian Holiness Ministries, Inc. located at 717 E53rd Street, Brooklyn, NY and 11 DeKinderen, WCD Guyana, South America.
Dr. Greenidge graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Theology from Wesleyan Bible Institute, Georgetown Guyana; a Master’s Degree in Theology with a Major in Divinity from International Theological Seminary of California and a Doctorate in Theology with Emphasis in Christian Counseling from International Theological Seminary. He is currently the President & Dean of Christian Holiness Bible College & Seminary.
Dr. Greenidge is married to the beautiful Dennies Greenidge and is the father of two amazing kids, Denica and Justin.
Called to be an Evangelist, ushered into the Pastorate, born to disciple men and women.