Music. Word. More.
Truelife radio is a community.
A voice, a song, a word, a smile and so many other good things, that's what we are striving to do. Everyone and everyplace needs more than music, more than a message, and that's life. We're commited to sharing it here.
Radio has always been about community. The music, the message, the laughter, the stories, the lessons, the victories and even the sad moments, this has been the life of radio.

Truelife radio has taken the classic, the traditonal and the not so old digital, and the new media and packaged it into a format that will go with you where ever life takes you. 

Our mission is simple: Bringing life. We're excited that we are a major part of your social, educational, emotional and most importantly your spiritual journey.

After paying attention to some data, we've glad that we are listened to around the world. That's huge and that's True Life; well, Truelife!