Welcome to ESCHOL (ĕsh’ kŏl)! Founded in July 2022, this community food pantry is an extension of Potter’s Vessel Ministries. Our goal is to carry out our christian witness through the efforts of supplying our neighbor with nutritious food items, ensuring that no table remains empty and no one goes to bed unfed. We are working diligently with donors, volunteers, and community organizations to address some of the most critical needs within our community. As a food ministry, our shelves are stocked by the generous donations of those who support our mission and objectives to be a cluster of amazing blessing to many.

As stewards of the Lord, you are invited to participate in making a lasting impact in the lives of others. At ESCHOL, we’re always accepting donations toward this wonderful mission.  To learn more on how you may be able to partner with us, send an email to eschol@pottersvessel.org. Should you desire to give a one-time or recurring gifts to this ministry, click the donate button below. Thank you for being a part of the cluster!